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Sep 8, 2018

The highly anticipated Spider-Man game released on PlayStation 4 this week - does it live up to the hype? We've gotten a chance to play some of it, and we discuss whether Insomniac delivered another fun experience with their newest release. The Battlefield V beta is also live, and we've all had a chance to play it. We discuss the maps, graphics, and general fun factor in DICE's newest military shooter.

In news, Anthem announced a date for its Demo. Are we excited to play Bioware's new AAA IP? 2K Games had a major public relations misstep in our eyes this week, as they encouraged gamers to defend microtransactions. We learned a lot more about Battlefield V's battle royale mode, and Steven is really excited to play it. Finally, Xbox is getting the Lego Harry Potter Collection in November and Civilization VI is coming to the Switch - is Graham going to be getting it?

Finally, we detail the new releases for the upcoming week, and answer community questions in our fan mail segment! To become part of the community, use any of the links below!