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Apr 13, 2019

This week, we discuss the fact that you can now change your PSN name for $9.99. After finally doing this, should Sony get credit for it? Xbox has six more games hitting Game Pass in April - are any of them worth the download? Also, if you could take part in a real-life battle royale, would you want to? We discuss the potential three day event being proposed to take place on a private island in the near future.

Finally, we discuss what counts as cheating in video games? Is taking advantage of a glitch in single player the same as doing it in multiplayer? After this topic had some "gamers" upset this week, we discuss what all the outrage was about and whether it was justified.

We also detail all the newest releases, and answer community questions - including new voice mail questions -  in our Fan Mail segment! To become part of our awesome community, just use the links below: