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Apr 14, 2018

This week, Rare released their content update strategy for Sea of Thieves through the summer - will it be enough to satisfy players that don't feel there is enough content in the game? We discuss this, as well as the problem Microsoft faces this year with having little in the way of top-tier exclusives to put up against Sony's God of War and Spiderman.

Speaking of God of War, it's coming out soon, and we hear it's pretty good. We discuss the early reviews of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive and talk about how excited we are to get our hands on it next week. In addition, Xbox is releasing another 19 games in backwards compatibility, and we discuss whether this is really a viable strategy in opposition to Sony's new AAA games.

There's actually other games coming out next week alongside God of War, and we get you the info on those too, as well as answer questions in our fan mail segment.

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