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Jul 2, 2018

This week, we dive into Sony's response to the cross-play controversy as we discuss the statement put forth by PlayStation regarding it. Are they serious about looking at a way to bring cross-play to the PlayStation, or are they just buying time? We also discuss whether we really care about cross-play on consoles, and if cross-play is really something companies should feel obligated to provide. Compared to locking the Epic account for PS4 Fortnite players, is cross-play really that big of a deal?

Halo is officially getting a series on Showtime, as the long rumored show was confirmed with production beginning early next year. How many of us are excited for it? Also, Amy Hennig left Electronic Arts months ago and the Cyberpunk 2077 demo shown behind closed doors at E3 was pre-alpha - does it change our thoughts on when the game will be released?

We detail all of the new releases for the coming week, as well as the new Games With Gold and PS+ titles for July 2018. Finally, we try to get caught up with fan mail questions and conduct our June 2018 giveaway. To have a chance at one of our many giveaways we do for our awesome community, use the links below to join and take part!