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May 18, 2019

This week brought news of Xbox and PlayStation working together to make streaming games in the future more smooth and consistent for everyone around. How optimistic are we about where this new partnership will go? It's not going to be life changing, and they're still competitors, but we talk about what it could mean for the future of gaming.

Ubisoft revealed how many major releases they'll be putting out in the next year - Spoiler alert: 4 - and we talk about the major upcoming game from Ubisoft that we know isn't included. Skull and Bones, the pirate simulator, was delayed again this week, this time until at least Spring 2020. We try to get over our sadness about the game being pushed back again and not even being at E3 this year to talk about whether this is a good thing for the game.

Also, we preview what Ubisoft will have at E3 2019 this year, including what games we expect to see and what the publisher needs to do this year to call E3 a success for them.

We also detail all the newest releases, and answer community questions - including new voice mail questions -  in our Fan Mail segment! To become part of our awesome community, just use the links below: