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Mar 29, 2021

Rumors surfaced this week that Call of Duty was returning to World War II with Sledgehammer's game this fall. Should the studio have a direct follow-up to its World War II game from 2018? We discuss the pros and cons of going back in time with the series in a year where Battlefield is returning to a more modern setting.

Sea of Thieves won an award at the BAFTA Awards this past week, and not all of us think it should have. Is it really a better evolving game than games like No Man's Sky or Fortnite? Or, is it finally getting the credit it deserves for the effort Rare has put into the game since launch three years ago?

Tiger Woods is returning to golf video games - what does it mean for the PGA 2K series in the future? Also, Microsoft might be buying Discord for a whole lot of money, and is it really surprising that Xbox Game Pass subscribers spend more time playing video games than non-subscribers?

Finally, we detail the newest releases for Xbox this week and answer community questions in our Fan Mail segment.

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