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May 29, 2018

On this special episode of The Gaming Hub, we take a look at E3 2018 and each company, anticipating what they might have up their sleeves at the biggest gaming show of the year. Will EA bring more than Anthem and Battlefield V? How excited is Steven for Kingdom Hearts? We talk about what Bethesda ahs to do to keep their amazing momentum from previous E3 shows, and what Ubisoft has to do in order to not leave us feeling "meh" about their show.

As for the big three, we know Nintendo has Pokemon and Smash Brothers to show off this year, but what else is Graham hoping to see from his favorite console maker? We dig into whether Sony is the runaway favorite to "win" E3 in 2018 and what would have to happen for them to lose, as well as what Microsoft has to deliver this year in what is a pivotal E3 for the Xbox.

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