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Aug 12, 2019

This week, we discuss Ninja moving to Mixer, along with what we like about the Mixer platform. Could we see more content creators moving over to Mixer in the near future? Also, the Outer Worlds will have perma death in their most difficult mode, and we're really excited to see other people try that out. What games have we played that have perma death?

343 had some news about Halo Infinite this week, as they talked about how the new game will perform on the Xbox One X vs the new Scarlett console. Should the game look and play the same on both? GTA has hit yet another milestone, this time almost six years into the life of the game. We discuss the success of one of the biggest games ever.

We also detail the biggest releases coming next week, conduct our weekly Patreon giveaway, and answer questions from the community in our fan mail segment! To take part in our awesome and growing community, use the links below: