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Sep 21, 2019

Gears 5 has released, and it's actually really good! We talk about how important it was for Xbox to score a win with a first party game this fall, and we talk about the campaign and multiplayer modes in Gears 5 - which are awesome and which are not?

Borderlands 3 has released, as well as NHL 20. We talk about our experiences with both, and (surprise!) how at least one of us likes one of them a lot more than they thought they would. Why is each game worth your time and money? Listen to find out!

E3 2020 is still almost nine months away, but news surfaced this week about some potentially big changes in how E3 might look next year compared to years past. We discuss the rumored changes, as well as which ones we like a lot and which ones we absolutely hate.

Finally, we get into what cool things are on the horizon in the next week or two, for both game releases and in our community Join our amazing community to never miss a thing!