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May 24, 2021

Xbox and Bethesda are hanging out together at E3 this year, and that development could make for a truly great briefing from the two. We know Starfield is an Xbox and PC exclusive already, but what else might Bethesda have up its sleeve for us? We talk possible Bethesda games we'll see, as well as how long a combined E3 showcase could be.

Knockout City released this week and people are loving it so far. Hayden isn't sure it'll last, though. Why might EA's new game not keep its momentum, and how could it succeed in a huge way?

Outriders has been declared a huge success by Square Enix following the announcement of its player base thus far. Is player base for a game that's available on Game Pass a good measure of success? Should Outriders be considered the next huge franchise from Square? We discuss that, EA Sports PGA Tour news, and a lot more on Episode 259!

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