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Nov 19, 2018

This week, we cover the biggest news of the week, starting with the announcement that Sony is skipping E3 2019 in favor of other events they might have throughout the year. We discuss what this means for Xbox and Nintendo, as well as for E3 as a whole.  Also, we debate whether this is fair to PlayStation fans, after Sony is now abandoning PSX and E3.

In other news, Phil Spencer spoke out this week about the time frame for streaming consoles - how long until streaming games will be the best way to play? We discuss this, as well as the rumor that Xbox is releasing a console without a hard drive in 2019. Who is this for, and will gamers embrace a digital only console? Finally, we detail the biggest Black Friday deals available to our listeners, as well as some deals that we personally love that aren't gaming related.

We also detail all the newest releases, and answer community questions in our Fan Mail segment, and give the seventh clue in our biggest giveaway ever! To become part of our awesome community, just use the links below: