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Feb 23, 2019

We begin this week with the news that Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring as president of Nintendo of America effective in April. We take a moment to reflect on his career and celebrate his contributions to gaming and his role as a positive force in the gaming world. Also, we talk in-depth about both Crackdown 3 and Anthem, and our experiences so far with each. It's not all bad, as there are positives for both games.

Finally, we dig into Microsoft's first-party games problem in comparison to the exclusives Sony and Nintendo offer on their systems. How did Xbox arrive at this point, and how do they recover? In addition, we discuss the rumor that Xbox Game Pass could be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon and the implications partnerships like that could have on the industry as a whole.

We also detail all the newest releases, and answer community questions - including new voice mail questions -  in our Fan Mail segment! To become part of our awesome community, just use the links below: