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Aug 18, 2018

This week, there's more developments in the plagiarism scandal, and we get into a further discussion about that and what it means for the individual going forward, as well as close the door on the discussion on our end.

In other gaming news, Bethesda has given more details about how they will combat griefing in the upcoming Fallout 76 game, and we detail those things in this episode. Do we think that it will truly eliminate griefing, or will players just get more creative when trying to ruin the experience for other players?

Gamescom is next week, and Microsoft will be announcing new hardware there, which is rumored to be a controller. We discuss the prospect of a new elite controller and talk briefly about what we might see at one of the biggest gaming shows of the year.

Finally, we have confirmation of a Dark Souls release on Nintendo Switch, as well as a release date for Diablo 3 on the same system. Activision also announces the start date for the Blackout beta on the PlayStation 4.

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