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Aug 31, 2019

This week, we discuss the new release from Remedy, Control. Does it live up to expectations? What are the strengths of the game? How does it measure up to Remedy's predecessors, Alan Wake and Quantum Break?

In other news, D23 took place recently and we can't help but discuss some of the trailers and announcements regarding Star Wars and Marvel on the Disney Plus platform. There's multiple things we're excited for!

Spider-Man on PS4 got a Game of the Year edition this week, and Astral Chain is being released this week to great reviews. We discuss both of these, as well as look ahead to what we're most excited to play in September!

We also detail the biggest releases coming next week, conduct our weekly Patreon giveaway, and answer questions from the community in our fan mail segment! To take part in our awesome and growing community, use the links below: