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May 31, 2021

E3 2021 is almost here, and we're ready to celebrate with tons of giveaways. Listen to episode 260 to find out how to get in on the fun!

Dying Light 2 got a new developer diary this week, complete with a brand new gameplay trailer. We saw more about the factions, main character, and how time passed has changed what the infected look like. We discuss how the day/night system impacts the sequel, what types of consequences for choices would be really amazing, and look forward to the release date, which is sooner than we thought it would be.

Far Cry 6 also got a new trailer this week, showing off some gameplay and more of the world. The weapons look incredibly fun! We dig into the world itself, the relationships your character will build, and of course we talk about how taking Chorizo with on missions will be the greatest thing ever.

Finally, we detail all the newest releases you can find on Xbox this week. Join us for Episode 260!

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